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Medicaid Patients

QwikCareMD Urgent Care and Comfort Care Family Practice proudly accept Medicaid at all of our clinics in Southern Colorado

Under Obamacare, more residents in Colorado qualify for Medicaid than ever before. We are proud to accept Medicaid in all of our urgent care and family practice clinics.

QwikCareMD is the fastest growing urgent care facility in southern Colorado. We provide walk-in medical care and extended hours 365 days a year – without an appointment.

We are committed to being here whenever you are ill or suffer a non-life-threatening injury because you never know when you may need us – until you do.

Comfort Care Family Practice provides high-quality medical care for adults and children when you want to make an appointment to be seen on a specific day and time. Comfort Care Family Practice provides regular check ups and ongoing services for chronic medical conditions as well providing physical exams for school, sports, employment and DOT.

QwikCareMD is here to help you get better when you’re ill or injured.

Comfort Care Family Practice is here to keep you well and living a healthier life.


Medicaid In Southern Colorado:

Medicaid is a government sponsored health insurance program designed for low-income residents.  It is a state-administered program which is primarily funded by the federal government.  Because of this federal funding, the federal government sets certain guidelines which the state Medicaid programs must follow to qualify for the federal contribution.

On May 13, 2013, Governor John Hickenlooper signed a law designed to expand Colorado’s Medicaid population by approximately 160,000 people (Colorado Department of Healthcare Financing). This was in response to new federal requirements which were part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  This new coverage started January 1, 2014.

Under the new guidelines, Coloradans earning up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level ($31,809 for a family of 4 or $15,414 for an individual) are able to qualify for Medicaid (Colorado Department of Healthcare Financing).

Medicaid Policy:

Medicaid is a fairly comprehensive insurance policy.  It pays for outpatient doctor visits (both primary care and specialty care), inpatient hospitalization, many prescriptions, emergency services, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance abuse services, laboratory and X-ray services, and many other services.  Just because many services are covered, however, does not mean that your specific problem will be covered.  In general, Medicaid only covers items that Medicaid considers “Medically Necessary”.  For example, when you have a cold, you may feel better if you take cough medicine, but Medicaid may not consider cough medicine “Medically Necessary” and may refuse to pay for it, even if your physician prescribes it for you.  Furthermore, if there are multiple medications available to treat your condition, Medicaid often requires that the least expensive option be chosen.

Most Medicaid services require you to pay a small “Co-Pay” in order to receive care.  A typical office visit may have a $2 – $3 co-pay, a prescription may be from $1 – $3, and hospital stays may be as much as $10 per day.  The government requires providers to collect these fees before seeing the patient (except in case of emergency).  Generally, children under 18 or pregnant women do not have a co-pay for their pediatric or obstetrical care.  Some other services may also be exempt from co-pays.

One of the major problems with Medicaid is that the reimbursement to the provider is very low compared to commercial insurances, so many providers are reluctant to see patients who have Medicaid.

For Additional information on how to apply for Medicaid in Colorado – Click Here!

Please call us if you have any questions on QwikCareMD and Comfort Care Family Practice accepting Medicaid! (719) 471-CARE (2273)