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Annual Physicals Protect Your Health and May Be No Cost to You

Annual Physical Exams Can Protect You From Serious Health Problems — and your exam may cost little to nothing out of your pocket!

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to stay healthier in 2016 (and if it’s not, it should be), you need to protect yourself instead of waiting around until something bad happens — particularly if it’s a problem you can take action on BEFORE it gets worse or perhaps avoid entirely.

Most people don’t think about or care about getting a “physical” every year, even if they know they probably should. Why? Because it doesn’t seem like an urgent priority – particularly if you don’t already feel symptoms of a medical condition that can have an underlying serious cause.

But that’s exactly why we SHOULD make it a priority to get an annual checkup.

You can skip your 30,000 or 50,000 mile auto maintenance and just take your chances on your car holding up and not resulting in an expensive fix later. It’s a risk but a lot of us accept that risk and hope for the best. In the meantime, there may be a problem developing in our car that we don’t even see or feel until it gets really bad.

Can you afford to take the same chance with your health or the health of your family?

With auto maintenance visits, some are covered at no cost to you while others will have to be paid. The anticipated cost may sometimes hold us back and we put it off.

The same thing can happen with a physical for your body. You may think it will cost money out of pocket and so you put it off for another time.

But the great thing about healthcare today is that many insurance plans (including Medicaid, Tricare, many Medicare plans and even many commercial health insurance plans – whether through your employer or an individual health plan) cover the normal cost of an annual physical at NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE TO YOU!

Even if you had to pay a modest cost to protect your health, it’s worth it. But if you don’t have ANY cost to protect yourself, it seems foolish not to.

Call us today to make your appointment for your 2016 “Health Protection Plan” (physical exam). If you get your physical in January, we’ll even throw in a free gift – a Medical Alert ID bracelet that can help save your life in an emergency.

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